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Karrerjunkere by Karen Volf, are small cakes that you must have on a beautiful summer day, to put in your "koldskaal", a delicious dairy and lemony Danish dessert.

Nutritional value

Nutritional content per 100g Energy 1998 kj / 478 kcal Fat 20 g - Of which saturated fatty acids 5.2 g Carbohydrates 68 g - Of which sugars 24 g Proteins 6.1 g Salt 1.2 g Dietary fibers 2 g Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR (EU), sugar, vegetable fat (rapeseed oil, palm oil), leavening agents (E450, baking soda, deer antler salt) whey powder (from MILK), salt, flavoring (vanilla). contain traces of eggs, hazelnuts and peanuts. Additives Contains: Flavor (s) Contains: E450 - Diphosphates