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Turkish pepper Lollipop FAZER 10x9g net

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Turkish pepper is a classic salty licorice with a peppery twist! Turkish Pepper has been a big hit since its launch in 1977 and the well-known and much-loved Salted Licorice Lollipop is a festive firework of strong salted licorice powder. It is also suitable for vegans and is a perfect little treat that can spice up your day.

Nutritional value

Contenu nutritionnel par 100g
Énergie 1610 kj / 385 kcal
Cool -
- Dont acides gras saturés -
Glucides 90 g
- Dont sucres 77 g
Protéine -
Sel 1,25 g
Ingrédients : sucre, sirop de glucose, chlorure d'ammonium (salmiak), extrait de réglisse, sel, arômes, colorants/colorants (E150d, E153).